Shiseido Wetforce Quick Dry Sports HydroBB Compact Refill SPF 50+

SKU: SH15495


Size:  0.42oz / 12g

Shiseido Wetforce Quick Dry Sports HydroBB Compact Refill SPF 50+ It helps prevent makeup fading while reacting with water to improve UV protection and giving skin a natural, lustrous and contoured look for long wear that outlasts the sun and outdoor activities. Its

WetForce technology is what gives the formula the ability to become stronger when it comes into contact with water or sweat, protecting against UV rays.

ProfenseCl protects from damage that leads to wrinkle formation and uneven skin tone, and contains soy lecithin for anti-wrinkle protection and licorice extract to address the appearance of dark spots. Amino acid nutrients provide the ideal moisturizing ingredients for sweat-prone skin; contouring powders promote a beautiful, healthy look; and a cooling essence provide a cooling sensation and a pleasant feel during and immediately after application.

Its harmonizing fragrance wraps perspiration in a citrus floral scent to help mask unpleasant odors associated with sweating.

How to use:

  • Use as a last step of morning skincare routine
  • Take an appropriate amount on the sponge and apply from the center of the face outward
  • For additional coverage, lightly pat to build where needed

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