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ic! Berlin - Herzberge

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Enjoy the warm sun with the cool looks of Herzberge. This classic, square panto with its high, single-bridge brow line goes great with jeans. And it's the perfect companion for casual weekends.

Model: Herzberge
Material: Metal
Shape: Trapeze, Square
Size: Large
Collection: Classic
Face: Oval
Material details: Stainless steel
Lens: Medium & Gradient or Dark
Lens filter category: 
2 Medium or graduated tint, moderate protection. Best for sunny conditions.
3 Dark tint, lots of protection. Best for bright sunlight and driving.
Polarized: Varies
Mirrored: Varies
Weight: 21 g
Width: 138 mm
Lens height: 43 mm
Lens width: 54 mm
Lens distance: 21 mm
Hinge: 6 mm
Nose width: 23 mm

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