ic! berlin

ic! Berlin - Fadi Z.

SKU: M1475123123t15007do

And suddenly, the world looks infinitely conquerable. With Fadi Z. Some colorway's outer metal surfaces have warm, inviting colors. The inside surfaces are made of polished metal, which feel incredibly smooth to the touch. And the unique silhouette shape makes a statement without saying anything at all. Perfect.

Model: Fadi Z.
Light transmission: For prescription
Material: Metal
Shape: Trapeze, Square
Size: Medium
Collection: Classic
Face: Oval
Material details: Stainless steel
Lens: For prescription
Lens filter category: 0 No tint. No protection from sun glare.
Polarized: No
Mirrored: No
Weight: 17 g
Width: 131 mm
Lens height: 37 mm
Lens width: 59 mm
Lens distance: 15 mm
Hinge: 6 mm
Nose width: 23 mm

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