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ic! Berlin - Amihan

SKU: M1418117114t060071f

Amihan delights with its sleek, round forms in ultra-thin stainless steel. The uniquely shaped bridge adds depth and dimension. And the narrow temples add a sense of lightness and energy. Amihan is part of the Silk Collection with its signature, ultra-thin 4 mm hinge. Inspired by minimalist Scandinavian design, each frame is featherlight yet remarkably strong-just like the winds they're named after.

Model: Amihan
Material: Metal
Shape: Round, Panto, Oval
Size: Medium
Collection: Silk
Face: Rectangular
Material details: Stainless steel
Front color details: Fired Copper Circle
Lens: For prescription
Lens filter category: 0 No tint. No protection from sun glare.
Mirrored: No
Weight: 14 g
Width: 131 mm
Lens height: 44 mm
Lens width: 50 mm
Lens distance: 20 mm
Hinge: 3,5 mm
Nose width: 22 mm

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