Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Night Detoxifying Essence

SKU: GN61200

$145.90 $230
Size: 4.2oz / 125ml
The Night Detoxifying Essence is the first Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale night care product designed to optimize the skin's nocturnal revitalizing process. It acts on two levels on the surface and within the skin thanks to the combination of a powerful cell purifier,
Purifynol, and Gold Orchid Technology. This precious essence brings together an aqueous phase, with an ultra-high concentration of revitalizing and anti-aging ingredients, and an ultra-sensorial oily phase, which perfectly blend together thanks to the delicate suspended bead between the two phases.

How to use:
An exceptional application technique inspired from the Guerlain Institute.

Apply before going to bed to perfectly clean, moisturised skin.
Shake well and apply to face and neck using your fingertips and/or cotton wool, avoiding the eye contour area.


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