Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Imperial Oil

SKU: GN61403

$290.90 $335
Size: 1.0oz / 30ml
Guerlain's Imperial Oil: the power of the orchides longevity blended with 20 precious botanical oils to help restore skin's firmness look.
This facial oil, silky and nourishing, fuses instantly with the skin and penetrates in its heart. It contributes to the balance of lipid content*, strengthens the quality of the skin's supporting fibres**, and brings comfort and nourishment without leaving it feeling oily. Both more toned and more elastic, it is visibly firmer and younger-looking.
The tightening effect of the Imperial Oil can be enhanced by using the exclusive application method devised by the Guerlain Institute at 68 Avenue des Champs-Elysees.
How to use:
Apply morning and night, as a pre-serum. Smooth onto the face and apply pressure to your cheeks and forehead with your hands. Place your fingers on your jaw, and move them upwards. Repeat the movement from the bottom to the top of your forehead. Place the index finger on the upper lip and the middle finger under the lower lip. Press for three seconds, release and slide the fingers towards the ear.



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