Guerlain Orchidee Imperiale The Gel Cream

SKU: GN61105

$259.90 $345
Size: 1.0oz / 30ml
An exceptional achievement by Guerlain , the Gel Cream lets your skin enjoy a new fresh sensation.
Infused with the energy of the Gold Orchid Technology, the Gel Cream minimises the visible signs of skin ageing. Immediately, skin looks hydrated, plumped, smoothed and even-toned, with the perfection of an orchid petal.

How to use:
An exceptional application technique inspired from the Guerlain Institute.

1. Apply the Gel Cream in circular movements.
2. Smooth your fingertips from the forehead to the ears. Perform 3 smoothing movements from the corners of the lips to the nose, ears and to the jawline.
3. Press down 3 times on each of the muscle attachment points.
4. Gently smooth the backs of your fingers along the contour of your face. Smooth the entire forehead 3 times.


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