Guerlain Eau De Beaute Micellar Solution Pure Radiance Cleanser

SKU: GN61124

$40.50 $59

Size: 6.7oz / 200ml

The first essential skincare step, the Eau De Beaute Micellar Cleansing Water, concentrates all the effectiveness of a make-up remover, cleanser and toner for quick and effective cleansing in just one step. This unique, almost gel-like liquid is applied with a cotton pad to refresh the skin.
 Its micelles – surfactant molecules – gently cleanse and trap the slightest impurity and every last trace of make-up on the face and eyes, while toning the skin. Gentle, pure and incredibly fresh, skin is hydrated and plumped up in a single step.

The Nigella flower oil: A treasure from the Lands of the Orient, nigella flower with hypnotic blue petals boasts wonderful properties known since Antiquity. Freed of impurities, the skin can breathe again and reveals a vibrant glow.
How to use:

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