SKU: 365-FS1-CLR

$4.90 $5.90

-7" length, 12.5” width Clear Face Shield-

This Optically clear, distortion-free wrap-around face shield provides maximum visibility and is treated with an anti-fog /anti-static layer for increased comfort and function. This safety face shield offers eyes, nose, and mouth protection from liquid splashing, aerosols and sprays, minimizing contamination and reducing exposure to organic vapors and body fluids. A comfortable soft foam headband make this light-weight shield wearable for an extended period of time. 

Size: One-size-fits-most
QTY: 1
Material: Clear polycarbonate
May be worn with glasses or goggles
May be worn with face mask
Clear, distortion-free
Fogging resistant
Waterproof and dust-proof face shield
Adjustable head strap closure

Face shield only, face mask not included

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