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ic! Berlin - 125 Foxweg

SKU: M1274002002t020071f-1


125 Foxweg is the address for minimalist design with a fun flair. The panto silhouette goes with an almost infinite number of styles and trends. And the wide set of metal color finishes takes your options even further. And the strong, sturdy stainless-steel and no-screw hinge construction makes this eyewear the perfect companion for life on the go.

Model: 125 Foxweg
Material: Metal
Shape: Oval, Panto, Round
Size: Small
Collection: Classic
Face: Rectangular
Material details: Stainless steel
Lens: For prescription
Lens filter category: 0 No tint. No protection from sun glare.
Mirrored: No
Weight: 15 g
Width: 128 mm
Lens height: 40 mm
Lens width: 47 mm
Lens distance: 22 mm
Hinge: 6 mm
Nose width: 21 mm

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