Christian Dior

Dior Backstage Retractable Lip Brush N°31

SKU: CD996000-31

$20.90 $25

Christian Dior Backstage Brushes

Discover the Dior Backstage Retractable Lip Brush N°31. Drawing inspiration from backstage Dior runway shows, the retractable lip brush is designed for perfect, simple makeup application.

This practical, on-the-go tapered brush with a "cat's tongue" shape ensures optimal application on the lips, hugging the contours for a quick and precise professional makeup result

This firm brush with extremely fine and soft synthetic fibers delivers flawless, controlled application in a single stroke

Application Tips:

1. Delicately take up a small amount of lipstick or gloss and use the tip of the brush to define the contour.
2. Then fill in the lips using the flat of the brush.
3. To make lips appear more voluminous, use the brush to apply a touch of gloss in the center of the lower lip, which will catch the light perfectly.

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