Christian Dior

Dior Diorshow All-Day Brow Ink

SKU: CD500-011


Size: 0.12oz / 3.7ml

 The first "tattoo effect" tinted brow ink by Dior for instantly full, lastingly shaped brows. Brows are no longer just a detail. Perfectly defined, bold but not unnaturally stiff, they are the essential finishing touch to striking eye makeup.

For flawlessly shaped brows with a natural, authentic, long-wear finish, Dior created the tattoo effect tinted All-Day Brow Ink. Enriched with high-intensity pigments, it tints the skin in a single sweep for a weightless finish. Loaded with waterproof polymers, the formula delivers a flawless 36-hour finish* that won't budge, but is still easy to remove.

Application Tips:

1. Outline your brows with precision while respecting their structure.
2. Fill in any sparse areas.
For a natural effect, a single application will do.


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